Monday, December 25, 2006


Moneybookers refer a friend program

The 1st account in the world that pays you for sending payments. We must be crazy! For what do we pay you? New customers referred by you

Option 1: Check the referral check box every time you send a payment. When the recipient signs up to claim the payment, you will automatically be marked as his referrer!

Option 2: Get your referral link, put your link in your email signature, on your web site, or just send it to friends. If a person clicks on your link and joins Moneybookers, you are automatically marked as his referrer!

Option 3: If your friend did not use your referral link, you can still be marked as his referrer after registration when he enters your referral ID by clicking on the 'Who referred you?' link below. This option will only be available within 14 days after registration. How much do we pay you? 30% of our fee income

All future 'Send money' fees of your progenies, including fees earned from payments made to merchants, qualify.
Your revenue share will be credited to your Moneybookers account in a daily batch payment.

Business/private users: Send your daily payments with Moneybookers - and earn money instead of paying it to your bank. Online shops: A double advantage: accept Moneybookers and at the same time earn money by referring users to us via your referral link.

Webmasters: Turn your traffic into cash - just for putting a Moneybookers link/banner on your website!

Sample texts to describe Moneybookers on your order page:

Pay with!

We are very happy to offer you a new and simple way to pay:

  • Step 1: Open your free account – all you require is an email address
  • Step 2: Upload funds to your account via bank transfer, credit card or cheque
  • Step 3: Simply send the required amount to our email account:
As soon as we receive the payment in our account, we will ship the...
How to complete the order process:

First, you need to open a free account with, and fund your account with your order total for the product(s) you are ordering from us.

You can do so via credit card or domestic bank transfer in 25+ countries.
Next, transfer the payment via to our email account: will charge a small transfer fee.

We will then verify your payment and immediately ………

Registration is simple – Your account can be ready in just a few minutes